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The Promise is fueling a growing movement to change the posture of God's people; From passive, fearful, hidden and largely ignored by the world, to become the fullness of all we were born to be in Christ. God is building something, from the ground up, using ordinary people, from ordinary walks of life, to become His extra-ordinary army. Together, we are arising, transformed and powerful, equipped to bring in the Kingdom of God to this generation, shining as beacons to guide others to The Lord.But where did it all begin?

'Imagine a world where my everyday people, live everyday lives of such impact, that the world around them is changed.'

Fifteen years ago, this was Kathryn’s God-given challenge. There was just one problem; knowing how?

Then came an unexpected ten-year season of intensely painful circumstances, where God revealed the answer. Taking her to the end of her own resilience, He gently showed her how to live in His. This was the life He always intended. Abundant life, living in the power of His Spirit.

Whilst born from the ashes of a living testimony from a life radically changed, the focus is not about one individual's theory. But rather, it's about the 'heart-cry' shared desire for us to collectively - increasingly, go after all Jesus came to bring us, in abundance; Revival of His Spirit within.


The Promise is brought to you by Fruit Ministries – a not-for-profit Scottish Charity - SC 045896.

It's purpose is to inspire, equip and empower God's people to display the glory of God.


Trust is key, so what do people say?

Meet our Champions

The Promise is brought to you by Fruit Ministries, a non profit Scottish Charity number SC045896.

Kathryn - CEO and Founder

Kathryn lives in Scotland with her husband Andy and little boy, Jacob. Her life is a living testimony to the transforming power of God’s grace. Her life’s purpose is to spread God’s glory – and help others do the same. There is one word that describes who she is: His.

Nick Daldry - Non Executive Counsel

Nick lives in Erskine. He came to faith as a young man when in the Royal Navy in the far East. He is a licensed local minister with a passion for Kingdom discipleship and Church planting.

Jayne Minto - Chair

Jayne is a walking talking 'say-it-as-it -is' believer, who is passionate about 'keeping it real'. She has a passion for justice and seeing the extension of God's Kingdom in a practical way.

Sue Simpson - Spiritual Counsel

For as long as she can remember, Sue has always believed in God. Having converted to Christianity in her early teens, her life has since focused on one key pursuit: the deepest desire to find as much of Him as possible. She is passionate about authentic life in The Spirit. Sue lives in Scotland with her husband and three adorable Scotties of the canine kind.