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The Promise coaching you.

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The Promise Coaching is a discipleship toolkit, (accessed via an App) that facilitates your ability to tune directly into God - in the everyday things you’re facing - so you can hear and be led by The Holy Spirit Himself, through them.

He is The Promise – who practically equips, strengthens, inspires and tangibly grows Christ within you, a little more every day.

Helping people to gather people, The Promise Coaching App Toolkit guides you in how to journey this with others.

With God in the centre, He galvanises momentum, so that collectively, you walk towards becoming and making real disciples, in real life – together.

Through it all, you will develop how to live by His Spirit in you – with abundance.


You don’t need to live life at the mercy of circumstance or limitation. The Promise Coaching shows you


Christ within can bring power to transform your world. The Promise Coaching shows you


You can walk your ordinary life, an extraordinary way. The Promise Coaching shows you



But you're unique - and so is your pathway. Which is why any coaching journey needs tailoring to you.


Directly addressing the everyday issues in your everyday life, The Promise App breaks the mold, bringing you something that is unique, practical and sustainable.

It's coaching - with a difference; Coaching with transformational power.

The Promise

Live the exceptional life God always intended for you, regardless of your circumstances.

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