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The leopard’s spots are changing

Posted on: January 23, 2024

‘My name is Jane Crouch and I have been a Christian for over thirty years. I found The Promise life-changing, in a way that no other discipleship I have ever received (or not received!) has been able to come close to. Baggage I have carried around for twenty-plus years is gone; All the resentment, bitterness and harboured bad feelings I have stored; some I did not even know were there. After years of prayer, all of a sudden God is doing such a deep work. And as I surrender, I feel so clean and free by His changes in me. I’m learning to watch out for triggers, my attitude and keeping short accounts. So I am freer, lighter and more content within myself. The coaching, in all its various forms, speaks right into my life and pinpoints things so accurately, leaving me so encouraged,  uplifted and re-vitalised. Even though it is challenging, I find it life-affirming, rather than heavy. It feels like all the roots of the weeds within me are dug around. God then comes a gives a gentle tug – and the whole root comes out; tendrils, the lot, without hurt or scarring. He is doing a complete work in me. A work I never knew was possible.’

Jane C

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