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What If?

Posted on: March 23, 2020

Laying here in hospital, I feel the gnawing ache from last nights surgery.

This, the final stage in a long journey through cancer, marks the significant symbolic end of one crisis. Never did I imagine that I would be facing a bridge straight into the next one.

As the Corona crisis deepens, many are facing the vulnerability of life changing issues. And many will be waking up to the soul searching questions of ‘what if?

  • What if I catch it?
  • What if I lose my job?
  • What if I lose my house?
  • What if I die?

And on the list can go.

But as I come round to the stark reality of all that lock-down means, I’m captivated by a different set of ‘what if’ questions;

  • What if this makes us dig deeper?
  • What if we discover a truth that’s greater than the fear?
  • What if we can become more through it?
  • And what if this enables us to live with renewed hope, empowerment and tenacity?

In 2017, fresh from the diagnosis of an aggressive form of stage 3 cancer, I came up close and personal with all of these questions, both positive and negative. And found the most wonderful turnaround happened.  Darkness  faded, bringing light to a new dawn. This is truth of The Promise.

Could the same be true for all of us through this unprecedented time?

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