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Discipleship coaching options, tailored to you.

Personal Coaching

God is calling us to arise. We want to move into more. But how? God alone knows precisely what is needed; we just need to know how to be coached by Him.

In this discipleship option, every journey is unique. Simple, micro, bite-size installments (that you can access on your phone and spread across your days), guide you in how. These incrementally focus on real issues in your real life and facilitate coaching that is orchestrated by The Holy Spirit Himself. Each key area relates to a different part of Jesus you can learn to live in, with recorded messages, prayers, activities and worship that will anoint your journey.

This brings you fresh, vibrant, lasting growth, that enlarges His character and power within you. And in the process, amplifies your relationship with Him.


Available from your App store, by searching for The Promise Coaching.

Coaching Peer Groups

God has designed us for fellowship for a reason. We need each other! Yet how often do we feel alone, like everyone else has it together and abit overwhelmed by what is happening? Even in the small groups we are part of, how often do we feel unsure of what to cover, find they wander off track and leave us feeling we haven’t really, practically moved forward?

In this discipleship option, all the material you need to form (or join) a coaching support group is provided. This links directly to the personal coaching, providing a safe space to share progress, challenges and support. A simple structure guides your conversation and prayers, which keeps you focused and tuned into the Spirit of God.



Available from your App store, by searching for The Promise Coaching.

Real-Time input

God is always speaking, moving and breaking through. Yet how often do we feel isolated, lost in the middle of our own challenges and at risk of losing our inner, motivational flame?

This discipleship option provides ‘of the moment’ words, testimonies, scripture, worship, prayers, answers to your questions and fresh suggestions, to provide those ongoing inputs you can dip in and out of, that can’t help but re-invigorate hope, practical help and expectation.

Available from your App store, by searching for The Promise Coaching.

The Promise Interactive

God calls people to gather people. Yet how often are we unsure of how to disciple, support and grow collectively?

This ten week journey is designed for small groups to follow, constructively facilitating you to move forward in God – together. This provides a foundation for all The Promise offers and is a great way to introduce others to it.

This discipleship option guides you through a simple pathway, which effortlessly combines structured content with the free-flow of The Holy Spirit. All material is provided on the App, so sessions can be run face to face or by zoom. This includes video input, step-by-step guides, discussion prompts, prayer focus, biblical referencing and practical weekly take-aways.


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The Promise - Boosters

If you ever find yourself getting stuck, these short boosters provide an instant support to bring breakthrough in the moment. Designed so you can address the real-life issue you are wrestling with, each bring the specific support you need immediately.

This discipleship option is perfect for anyone who wants to access God’s power within, on those days when you just aren’t feeling it and need a little help.

Available from your App store, by searching for The Promise Coaching.

The Promise - and how to live it

Live the exceptional life God always intended for you, regardless of your circumstances. Order your copy today!

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Guest Speaking

Kathryn is passionate about sharing God’s glory and all He is. Her focus for this is through the lens of a life-lived, drawing on honest and authentic testimony. For her story in her own words visit:

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